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everywhere i went, you caught up with me

i love you so much, it consumes me

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Name:They're Chuck & Blair, Blair & Chuck
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Community description:All things Blair & Chuck, Leighton & Ed

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W . E . L . C . O . M . E

If you have stumbled across here, welcome to the first and only dreamwidth community site devoted to fans of the Chuck Bass [Ed Westwick] and Blair Waldorf [Leighton Meester] relationship from the TV series Gossip Girl! Here you will find fanfics, discussions, icons, picspams, videospams, and more on our favourite Upper East Side power couple. This is a members-only community site, and so you will have to join to view the entries.

R . U . L . E . S

x please keep all posts blair/chuck and/or leighton/ed related
x please keep all posts friends-locked
x please keep all spoilers under a cut. any posts regarding episodes not yet aired or airing are considered spoilers until 24hrs after the episode has aired in the US
x large graphics and fanfiction must also be under a cut
x when posting fanfics, please;
- specify a rating for you fic
- state clearly if it is a drabble in the subject line, along with the title
- lable with chapter number if it is a multi-chapter fic
- warn clearly if there are any spoilers in the story, under an A/N
x please respect people. anti-comments/bashing etc will not be looked upon kindly
x if you are posting icons, please leave atleast 3 teasers, with the rest being posted under a cut or linked to a post that will be public for atleast 3 days
x please tag the posts [check the tags page before posting]

If you have an suggestions or complaints regarding this site, please don't hesitate to contact one of the Moderators.

And now you can post away!

A . F . F . I . L . I . A . T . E . S

x if you want to affiliate with this site, please leave a comment here
x affiliating 'gossip girl' related sites only

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